How One House Went Under Contract in Just One Day!

How we went under contract in just one day.
I tell this story a lot. It pretty much sums up the age old question most REALTORS® get

“Why should I go through YOU to show and buy a house?”Under contract in one day

Well, for a lot of reasons. But here’s just one example.

I haven’t been dealing with many buyers lately. I’ve been too busy maintaining my Clients’ properties.
My team of agents have been fundamental in helping me with the buyers I have. I’m always within reach of every transaction.

However, many times, I decide to work directly with a buyer to help them find a home.

Such was the case recently with a couple (NO Names or Addresses will be published to maintain anonymity).  I liked them alot. They seemed like very nice people, and were really eager to own their own home. They asked me to please help find them  a house. So I did. I made sure I set some of my time aside to show them some homes.

I would send them lists of “Regular” & “REO” homes daily.

They would choose which ones they wanted to see, by weeding through the listings I sent them.
In no time, I determined EXACTLY what they were looking for & what price range they wanted to stay in.

Realistically, the price range they wanted VS the type of house they were looking for did NOT exist. Realistically, Most REALTORS® would show them the door, but I wanted desperately to find them what they were looking for. (I Love a Challenge). They were looking for the American Dream of homeownership & I can see it in their eyes that they wanted it badly!

So I continued on…. property after property…. and yes, they would low ball, because it’s all they could afford. They started looking at foreclosures because realistically, in the price range they were looking for, that’s what they would be able to afford. But most of them were DOGS. Really run down & some even uninhabitable.

Of course, here I am in the middle of REO’s and one house in particular caught my eye. It was a bit overpriced but we went to go see it… they fell in love.

Eventually the house was reduced a few times. I watched it for a while, and as luck would have it, the bank called to assign the listing to me and told me that the house would be listed at a new price of $XXX.XXX (Amount not shown for obvious reasons, but if you could see it, you’d pick up the phone and call me so I could find you a deal just like it.)  
So the bank asked if I would handle the marketing of the property at that price & I said sure, I can sell that house for you at that list price!
So after hanging up the phone with the bank, I IMMEDIATELY called this couple.

I told them “Remember that house we saw over on 123 ABC Street? They said “SURE!”  I said, well, if you could buy that house for ($XXX.XXX (The bank’s Asking price) would you want it?
 They said ARE YOU KIDDING ME?? HECK YES!)  So, we went over there that very night & they made an offer on the spot (I let them decide what to offer, and they decided to put a Full Price of course, so proud of them, this is where their knowledge of real estate market had grown enough from walking through the dozens of pieces of crap they had seen for the same price, allowed them to realize  the value they were getting.

Happy Ending. The house was on the market with me for just one day. The bank got themselves their asking price, and the buyers got their dream home!
This is where getting to know TEAM SILVA comes in handy. We List ’em & Sell ’em so we know where to find them!  🙂