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Our custom Real Estate Videos are bringing RESULTS!  

Don’t settle for just a photo slideshow that looks like it’s from pre-y2k. We don’t claim to be expert videographers, after all, our expertise is in real estate and getting your home SOLD, not making movies… but quite frankly, most real estate videos are too stuffy, incredibly predictable, and just plain boring to watch… but, we do try to be CREATIVE and think outside the box on each individual listing… we know what gets a buyer’s attention (and where to find them), and we maximize the potential exposure of your home! Read on to learn more…

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48 Moreland Terrace, New Bedford

SOLD! – This home sold in under 60 days in cool September 2019.
We love historic homes and could appreciate how special this home really was. So, we did extensive research on its history (as we typically do with old homes), and created a special video for it. We located an out-of-state buyer for it (CA!), who has a great love of old & historic homes… and we know they will cherish and love this home for years to come, just like the prior owners did.
Sales Price: $470,000

32 Huttleston Ave. Fairhaven

SOLD! – after only 3 days on the market! We had challenges with this one since there were loads of street noise at the time of the shooting… but we worked through it and worked with what we had!

346 Orchard St. New Bedford

SOLD! for $295,000This home was A-mazing! But, we knew we’d have challenges with it due its location, which was on a tight street and fairly busy. So we had to kick it up a notch and show people what this house was really made of! It paid off… SOLD!

1029 Beckett St. New Bedford

SOLD! in just 17 days for 94% of asking price! This place was just darling. With so many great features, we couldn’t resist creating a special video for it. Well, 17 days later… SOLD!

89 Francis St. Fairhaven

SOLD in just 29 days for Full Asking Price! $309k
We had a challenge with this one, since the city was working on the roads during the listing period… but we got this sold and we believe the video was a great help!

66 Bay St, Fairhaven

SOLD! – This property was on the market 533 days with a different brokerage.
SRG got the listing and decided 5 months later to create a video on May 1st. We believe this was just the ticket… because We went under Agreement a month later!

1299 E. Rodney French Blvd, New Bedford

in just 72 days for 94% of asking price! This one was a bank-owned foreclosure. People tend to think these are always in rough shape. Well, we had to paint the full picture of the potential of the home… AND show off its awesome water views. Sorry, we’re not the “throw it on MLS and pray it sells” type of agents… We’re willing to do the hard work and get our clients the most money!

113 White Oak Run, Dartmouth

oooh-la-la… we had a lot of fun with this luxury home. What’s not to love?
But, higher-priced homes can be more difficult to market. We are always up for a challenge. SOLD! and our seller clients are off to retire in a different country! We’ll miss them, but we’re glad to have been a part of their exit-strategy on the road to retirement.

1 Chaney Ave. Fairhaven, MA

Video Preview

Creating a video BEFORE creating an actual “real” video? Yes, we did! We had a sneaking suspicion that this home was going to sell before we were able to create and edit a full-length video… so, we did a “sneak preview” quick and dirty video and took some kickin’ photos that we blasted throughout the inter-webs of this GORGEOUS home. Yup, sure enough, we have LOADS of interest so that full-length video may never make it…. 😉

We can go on… and on….

But I think you get the picture.

View more of our videos on YouTube.


Note: Just creating a real estate video isn’t the only thing needed to get your house sold.
Knowing what to DO with those Videos to get people to watch; you’ll need that too!

We are a “Hi-Tech” Real Estate Brokerage.
Yes, We do many of the usual Old Fashioned “Traditional” Methods of Marketing, but we also Kick your Home’s Marketing into High-Gear with our Hi-Tech Methods & Techniques to maximize your home’s exposure! 

After all, we are in 2020 now.
Shouldn’t you Demand your real estate agent get “with the times?”

If you want your home in a printed newspaper, that hardly anyone reads anymore, then list with the other guys.
If you want the WOW Factor, that reaches THOUSANDS of Buyers, then list with Us!

If you’re interested in SRG listing YOUR home and creating a custom video, contact any of our agents at:
Call/Text 508-536-5007
or Request a FREE Home Valuation Online.

Contact Us for further information. Any of our Top REALTORS® will be more than happy to schedule an appointment with you for more information on our real estate videos and our unique Marketing strategies, customized to your specific needs.

Our Real Estate office is located in New Bedford, Massachusetts. We market most of Bristol & Plymouth Counties in MA including Newport & Bristol County in RI.

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