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Thank You for considering a showing on one of our listings!

Please Click Below to Enter the Offer Submission & Lockbox Request Portal!


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(This is where you Submit an OFFER)

Offers should include ALL required documentation such as:

*Mandatory Agency Disclosure, Signed Lead Paint Disclosure, Owner Occupant Certification (if applicable),  Proof of Funds or Preapproval Letter, OFFER TO PURCHASE signed by Buyer(s), and a copy of Deposit (if applicable).  

*Note: Please continue to follow specific MLS Instructions for each property. As of 02/02/12 ALL offers on Fannie Mae Homepath Properties MUST be submitted through the website. NOT through the listing agent.

(This is where you can REQUEST a LOCKBOX CODE to show the property)

Please be courteous and allow at least 1-6 hours for a response. *Lately, we’ve had agents contacting us at odd hours wanting appointments scheduled within 1/2 hour of the request & expecting an immediate¬†response. This expectation is unrealistic during peak hours and can feel like a disrespect and disregard of our time & resources. Please plan accordingly when scheduling with your buyers.¬†We make every effort¬†to respond to all requests immediately upon receipt. (Our average overall timeline is considerably¬†less than an hour except for nights, weekends & holidays).

We greatly appreciate your patience and the time you take with showing our properties! Please consider ours as well. Thanks & We look forward to working with you!




*If you are a Buyer that is working with another agent, please contact your agent DIRECTLY to submit your offer, or they may not be compensated!

Thank You in Advance!

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