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(This is where you Submit an OFFER)

Offers should include ALL required documentation such as:

*Mandatory Agency Disclosure, Signed Lead Paint Disclosure, Owner Occupant Certification (if applicable),  Proof of Funds or Preapproval Letter, OFFER TO PURCHASE signed by Buyer(s), and a copy of Deposit (if applicable).  

*Note: Please continue to follow specific MLS Instructions for each property. As of 02/02/12 ALL offers on Fannie Mae Homepath Properties MUST be submitted through the website. NOT through the listing agent.

(This is where you can REQUEST a LOCKBOX CODE to show the property)

Please be courteous and allow at least 1-6 hours for a response. *Lately, we’ve had agents contacting us at odd hours wanting appointments scheduled within 1/2 hour of the request & expecting an immediate response. This expectation is unrealistic during peak hours and can feel like a disrespect and disregard of our time & resources. Please plan accordingly when scheduling with your buyers. We make every effort to respond to all requests immediately upon receipt. (Our average overall timeline is considerably less than an hour except for nights, weekends & holidays).

We greatly appreciate your patience and the time you take with showing our properties! Please consider ours as well. Thanks & We look forward to working with you!




*If you are a Buyer that is working with another agent, please contact your agent DIRECTLY to submit your offer, or they may not be compensated!

Thank You in Advance!