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Welcome to Silva Realty Group’s Real Estate Blog. We want to be your #1 source for real estate searches, listings, news and home stories for the Greater New Bedford area.

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Our real estate brokerage, aka SRG, is located in New Bedford MA.
Elizabeth Silva, a REALTOR®, is the Broker/Owner. Liz has had her thumb on the pulse of real estate technology ever since she was first licensed back in 2003. This experience continues to help our clients successfully navigate through the process of buying and selling their homes in today’s digital age. So, we hope this will help you too!

Real Estate Technology

SRG uses the latest technology, while, also incorporating some of the old traditional methods.

The days of simply advertising in either print ads, or the local newspapers to get your house noticed are almost gone. In today’s digital age, you really need a real estate agent with experience using today’s tools and technology. Taking dvantage of all the latest technology tools available is what our agents do. Getting your house or property exposed to as many buyers as possible is our goal, and most of all, getting it sold, of course!

Our New Bedford REALTORS® use:

  • Our multiple websites and portals to expand reach on the world wide web
  • Social Media, which has a huge influence on Millennials and others.
  • Syndication to numerous other real estate websites
  • Online video tours & Photography to present your home in the best light possible with our popular Premium Listing Package.
  • some old fashioned traditional methods, and of course, MLS (Multiple Listing Service)
  • realty magazines and newspaper ads (sparingly, as digital advertising has proven far more beneficial)
  • CRM Databases, High-Tech Technology at the office (high speed scanners, email encryption, various computer software, electronic signature capability & much more).
  • Research know how (There so many tools and databases available online to help you research a home before you buy it… we know where to find them and utilize them to gather as much info on a property  you’re interested in.)

Whether you are buying a home or selling a property, you’re probably searching for the best real estate agents in New Bedford & the surrounding areas.  There are so many licensed agents right now, that it can be hard to pinpoint which agent is right for you.

The fact that you’ve found our page, will hopefully tip you off that we’re very active and involved in the real estate market. We hop you’ll consider SRG for your specific needs. We work hard, and deal with a wide range of property types including Banked Owned Foreclosures, Luxury Waterfront, Historic Homes, and more.

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