Houses for Sale in Swift’s Beach

Below are the current homes for sale in Swift’s Beach, Wareham MA

More Information About Swift’s Beach

Swift’s Beach is a community in Wareham, MA that was developed mostly between the 1920’s and 1930’s. Of the remaining buildings, none of them seem to have been built in the 1800’s and only a few appear to have been built between 1900 and 1920. The 1938 hurricane severely damaged Swift’s Beach and many of the buildings that had been constructed in the last decade were damaged or completely destroyed. The construction in this area began slowing after 1940. The land of Swift’s Beach used to farmland in the 1800’s. This land was owned by Asa and Hallet Swift. Also on their land they developed a salt making station where they would set up large tubs filled with ocean water. The water would evaporate and leave behind the salt. This was one of the biggest salt works in Wareham at the time.

In 1876, planned communities began in Onset and started to spread to coastal areas of Wareham. By the year 1903 roads were constructed in the area. These roads include todays Barnes, Bay View, Columbia, and Pleasant Streets as well as Trinity and Wankinko Avenue. The plan for this community included 167 lots. by 1903, 16 beachfront lots as well as lots directly on the beach had already been sold in the area. At the eastern end of the Neck, a horse barn and maintenance building were built with an oyster house being constructed on the southwest corner. In 1923, Parkwood Beach opened across from Swift’s Beach. Pinehurst Beach was then opened to the north of Swift’s beach in 1933.

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