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Gardner Neck is a community in Swansea MA and was on of the earliest settled areas in the town. In the early 1620’s, the area was occupied by the Wampanoags when Governor Winslow and John Hampton visited the site.  The Neck was purchased by Samuel Gardner and Ralph Chapman from the Brenton’s of Newport in 1693 who had themselves purchased it from King Philip. Cedar Cove was built for the shipbuilding and fishing industries; However, the industry that lasted was farming.  Gardner neck was the only fishing are in Swansea at the time. Between the years 1870-1915 Gardner Neck saw a period of growth due to Menhaden oil which was becoming a substitute for whale oil and other types of fish.

In 1882, the fishing and agricultural market was opened up to a wider array of people when a railroad and freight shed was built in South Swansea. in 1883, David M. Anthony of Fall River purchased property on the southern tip of Gardner Neck. This property had been owned by generations of the Gardner family since 1693 and ending in 1867. Anthony built a summer home on the Neck in 1896. He also sold off 4 acres of his land to Robert A. Wilcox and divided the land into 11 lots. Thus began the “Colony”, one of the earliest examples of development in Swansea. Only 4 of the original house built in “the Colony” remain to this day. 

 Information Source > MA Historical Society

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