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Luther’s Corner is bordered to the north by Route 44, and to the south by Swansea, Barrington, and East Providence. This area is named after the Luther family who owned land between Country St. Fall River Ave, and what is present-day Route 6. At the corner of Fall River Ave and County Street was a general store that was owned and operated by the Luther family. By the later 17th century there were 2 taverns in this area. By the 1800s 3 grist mills were functioning in Luther’s Corner. In the early 1800’s, The intersection of County St and Fall River Ave became the economic activity center. 

Between the years 1830 and 1850 a Barrel Shop (called a cooperage) was constructed and opened on Burr’s Pond. A blacksmith shop run by A. Chaffee was also constructed and located near Rattle Snake Pond. A store and Schoolhouse were also located nearby. By 1871 this pond had disappeared and this site is now used as the sanitation site for the town. The corner stores were run by G. Luther as well as S. P. Handy.  In the later 1800’s another store was built at the corner and was run by the Medbury Family. The building also contained a local post office. With these shops being built on the corner more people began coming to and building more in this area.

Information Source > MA Historical Society

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