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Bisbee Corner is a community in North Rochester that is names after the Bisbee family that arrived in North Rochester in the mid 18th Century. The families connection to Rochester goes back to 1638 when Thomas Besbeech as well as 7 other men were given land in town. The first record of the Bisbee family in Rochester was in 1741 with a record of the birth of Abigail Bisbee. Thomas’ great grandson, Hopestill Jr., arrived in Rochester before 1771 and appears on record when he registered his children’s births. At this time, the town was established with 3 meeting houses, increasing number of roads, and a school system. The Bisbee family was one of the early families of the town of Rochester. The earliest house constructed in the Bisbee Corner area was the Ithamer Coombs house located at 515 North Ave.

Ithamer Coombs was born in Rochester in 1704. Ithamer was married to Hannah Andrews in 1731 and in 1747 bought land in North Rochester. The land remained in the Coombs family’s possession until Caleb Coombs Jr. sold it. For much of the properties existence it was used as a rental property. By 1879, the property was owned by Luke and Abigail Perkins. Members of this family continued to own and live at this address throughout the 20th Century. The Coombs family became entwined with the Bisbee family when Hopestill Jr.’s sister Hannah married Caleb Coombs in 1770. Hopestill Jr. Married Abigail Churchill and has 8 children (5 sons and 3 daughters) which they raised at the Hopestill Bisbee Homestead located at 670 Neck Rd. Not much is known about the daughter but the sons names were Hopestill III, Josiah, Ansel, Levi and Sylvanus.

Sylvanus ran the family farm while Levi was a cabinet maker and operated a shop on the farm. 5 years after Sylvanus’ death in 1817, Levi took over the farm as well. in 1848, after Levi’s death, his son Josiah took over the farm until his death. Josiah’s son Augustine also lived on the farm and ran a store on the corner of Neck Rd. and North Ave. The building was moved around 1882 in response to the marriage between Josiah and Sarah, as the Bisbee family did no approve of her. In response to this, Josiah moved the store across the farm. Soon after this Augustine moved to Falmouth and Josiah and Sarah moved back to the family home and rented out the Josiah Bisbee store at 671 Neck Rd. In 1895, Josiah and Augustine both dies within 3 months of each other and the farm was left to H. Dwight Bisbee, Augustine’s son. As Dwight was living in Orange at the time, he hired Elisha B. Tinkham to care for the farm rather than selling in.

When Dwight died in 1938 the farm was passed on to his daughter Vera. She moved herself and her family to the farm in 1950 and remained there until 1986 when the house was sold to Kirby and Carolyn Gilmore. Vera wrote a book about the history of the Bisbee family ion Rochester entitled “Blessings of a Legacy.” Several later 20th century homes were constructed in the area on the land that once belonged to the Bisbee Homestead. 

Information Source > MA Historical Society

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