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The South Pond area of Plymouth was once called Kamesit by the Wampanoad Native American tribe that once lived there. The word Kamesit has a few different meanings such as “place of great fish”, “pine place” and “west wind.” This area was settled by the Europeans in the later part of the 18th Century. Long Pond Road, also called South pond Rd, was one of the earlier roads in this area and was the most direct route to South Pond from the Plymouth town center. Some of the oldest headstones in South Pond date all the way back to 1793.

The three main families that settled in South Pond Village were the Burgess, Holmes and Sampson families. These families were farmers, cranberry cultivators and seafarers. The families remain the main residents of the area to this day. The home located at 210 Long Pond Rd was originally owned by the Burgess family but now belongs to the Holmes family. Around 1843 A schoolhouse was constructed (now 203 Long Pond Rd.) and served as the schoolhouse for the village until the 20th Century. This building is now home to Holmes family.

Information Source > MA Historical Society

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