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Ellisville is an area that is both north and south of the Ellisville harbor or formerly known as the Great Salt Pond following Ellisville and Old Sandwich Roads in Plymouth.  

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More Information About Ellisville

Ellisville, since the 17th century, has been associated with the Ellis family of Kent County, England who owned the land. No member of the family actually lived in the land of Ellisville until the 18th Century. Some time after 1709 The William Ellis’ Farm (No longer exists) was created and was established and was the beginning of more than 200 years of farming, cranberry and timber harvesting done by the Ellis Family. In the 18th Century the only road that passed through Ellisville was “the Road from Sandwich” which is present day portions of Route 3A,  Old Sandwich Road and Ellisville Road. This road was the “spine” of Ellisville in the 18th Century. 

The second major family to move to settle in Ellisville was the Harlow Family in the early 19th century. They, like the Ellis family, started farming as well as harvesting cranberries and timber. They used the salt pond as a landing area for “wood-coasters” or vessels with the purpose of shipping out cord wood to Boston. After the population started to increase as well as agricultural development, much of the land was cleared from Savery Pond, past Lookout Point almost all the way to Cedarville. A school (no longer exists) was built in Ellisville some time before 1876 when the school board was starting to get worried about the condition of the building. By 1879 about 12 homes were part of Ellisville with one of these homes “The Harlow House” (no longer exists) was being used as a tavern as well as a stagecoach shop for the travelers along the road from Boston to Cape Cod. Ellisville remained insulated from the rest of the growing town of Plymouth.

Between the years 1880 and 1885 a portion of Old Sandwich road was renovated, in the process removing a few homes from Ellisville. From the years 1910 to 1915 and once again in the 1930s, State road was built upon in the southern direction from Ship Pond to Cedarville. This portion of State Road cut through Old Sandwich Road and south of Ziba Ellis Homestead it cut through again. This essentially cut off most of Ellisville from the primary route of transport through South Plymouth. This section of Old Sandwich Road then become known as Ellisville Road. The addition to state road created a quicker way from Ellisville to Plymouth center; However, cutting Ellisville off from the main road through South Plymouth lead to the increased isolation of Ellisville.

Through the 20th century Ellisville was an isolated community where the agricultural lifestyle was being slowly let go. Up until the 1960s the descendants of the Ellis family retained a strong presence in Ellisville with some still remaining today. In the 1980s the Population of both Ellisville as well as its surrounding historical communities experience major growth leading the long-time residents to become concerned for the for the preservation of the historical character of Ellisville. Steps have been taken to mitigate these concerns such as the 1992 creation of Ellisville Harbor State Park; a 100 acre piece of salt marsh, fields and woodlands including the Harlow Farm. 

Information Source > MA Historical Society

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