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The historical significance of this area is that it is the only section of New Bedford that retains both the architectural as well as the historical elements from the City’s whaling era. The piers that are in the area retain their wooden planks and the Durant Sail Loft Building is the only granite wharf building in all of New Bedford that dates back to the 19th century. The Durant Sail Loft Building was created between 1837 and 1848 by Captain Edward Merrill. Captain Merrill owned the pier on which the Sail loft was built. This building was known by a variety of names such as the Bourne Counting house. in 1925 After John Durant opened a sail making business in the upper stories of the building it became known as the Durant Sail Loft Building. The Edward Merrill property was inherited by Mrs. George S. Homer which caused the Merrill Wharf to become known as Homer’s Wharf.

The Durant Sail Loft Building was built using giant blocks of granite obtained from the same Fall River site as the construction materials used in the City Public Library. The interior is wooden and has been damaged by fire twice and the original 4th story wood loft was removed. This building is now vacant. The Coal Pier to the north of Durant Sail Loft was built in the 1850s. It served as a site for unloading barrels of whale oil and other goods throughout New Bedford’s whaling era. It has also been known as the Lumber Wharf and the School Street Wharf. The name that is associated with the pier today (Coal Pier) became associated with it because at one point it served as an off-loading site for coal. Today this pier is used as a dock and unloading area for lobster boats. In 1838 the Steamship Authority Pier was built and was used for over 100 years as a ferry dock serving Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard. Today this pier primarily serves lobster boats as does the Coal Pier.

Information Source > MA Historical Society

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