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The Green area is located in the north central area of Middleboro. The area is cut in half by East Main Street, which then changes to Plympton Street.

Below are properties currently for sale in The Green area

More Information About The Green

Minimal historic buildings still remain in the area of The Green. The significant historical locations in The Green are the first meeting-house and the Churches. Starting around 1669 every member of the town was a member of The First church to July of 1719 when Middleboro was then divided into 2 separate parishes. One parish for the current area of the town and the second including present day Lakeville and some areas of Taunton where members would travel up to 8 miles to attend.

There were 3 meeting houses, the first (no longer exists) was on the north side of Plymouth street, the second meeting house built in 1690 was situated on the lower green near the green school and was then torn down and the materials used to create a dwelling house and the thirst meeting house was built in 1745. 2 Acres of land called the lower / training green were gifted by James Soule for military use.  The First Church of Christ in Middleborough created in 1694 by the sons of Pilgrims is one of the oldest parishes in the state of MA with only 31 parishes being older than it.  Information Source > MA historical society


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