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The name Eddyville comes from Samuel Eddy, one of the 1st settlers of Middleboro. The history of Eddyville revolves around the different members of the Eddy family. Samuel Eddy owned hundred of acres of land in eastern Middleboro into Halifax including today’s Eddyville. Obadiah, Samuel’s son, inherited his fathers estate; However, the most influential of his family in terms of settling Eddyville was his son Samuel Jr. who built 133 and 158 Plympton St. 5 out of 7 of Captain Joshua Eddy’s sons settled in Eddyville with 3 of the houses still standing today: 155-154, 133 and 158 Plympton St. All of these are Gregorian/Federal Style and were built between 1721 and 1820. Eddyville grew throughout the 18th century and was a self-sustaining thriving community by the 19th century. Information Source > MA Historical Society

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