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Below, you will find all of the old Houses for Sale in Massachusetts and Rhode Island that are considered to be Historic.
*May or may not necessarily be officially registered as historical* but are over 100 years old.
We know all a lot of our buyers love older historic houses, so we thought it would be helpful to help refine your search results accordingly.

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Research & Resources

Many buyers are interested in older historic homes. I personally love them! Their rooms are filled with character and are often very rich in history. Trying to Research a Historic Home? Check out our recent post about how to research a historic home to help you on your way.

For some buyers, the search for these homes can be very intimidating. When given thousands of search results, it’s difficult to go through them all and find the old and historic homes you desire!

For this reason, we’ve created a page for each historic city/town that displays only older homes with more than 100 years of age! This way you can focus just on these homes! We do the work for you!

We hope this historic homes search by city feature helps you. We’ve also added some related links to historic databases and other historical websites to help with your research. If there’s a particular historical location or house style that you are looking for and would like our help, feel free to contact us.  Think there is something else we can add to our historic section that may be helpful to other buyers & website visitors? Please let us know,  We encourage feedback & comments and strive to have all available resources and research material available for our web visitors at their fingertips. We look forward to hearing from you!