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The Myricks Street Area consists of a rural residential community covering 110 acres including both a church and schoolhouse situated by the Lakeville town line.

Below are properties currently for sale in the Myricks Street Area

More Information About Myricks

The area of Myricks includes around 49 properties, where 34 are contributing factors to its historical and architectural importance. These 34 properties are mostly 1 to 1 1/2 story gabled homes which were constructed between the mid 19th and early 20th centuries in the styles of Greek Revival, Italianate and Colonial Revival. This area was originally part of Taunton MA, in a mid 19th century village called Myricks Station. This village originally only consisted of Myricks street but with the creation of the New Bedford and Taunton Railroad between 1839-1940 this village grew into a railroad agricultural shipment center for locally produced goods. Between 1844 and 1846 a second railroad line was constructed known as Myricks Depot and Myricks Junction.

This railroad village was eventually overshadowed by major railroad junctions in Taunton and Middleboro. Despite this, it continued to be an important local community center which hosted events such as the Bristol County Cattle Show and Fair from the years 1858-1876 and was also home to the Myricks Academy (No longer standing) as well as the United Methodist Church. Eventually Myricks Station was added to Berkley MA and became known simple as “Myricks” and sometimes “Myricksville”. By the late 19th century the area consisted of a general store, wagon shop, blacksmith, railroad, post office, school and a small textile mill. Unfortunately, in 1904 the area experienced a destructive fire which destroyed many of the homes as well as the school. After the fire another school was built (around 1910) and remains in use today (now American Legion Post 121) as well as the United Methodist Church. Information Source >MA Historical Society


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