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Dodgeville is a village in Attleboro that is a nearly total original Mill Village.

Below are the current homes for sale in Dodgeville, Attleboro


More Information About Dodgeville

       The area of Dodgeville is a exceptionally intact textile manufacturing village which included the mill complex as well as hydropower system. The textile manufacturing business was a major part of the Attleboro economy from the 19th to early 20th centuries. The first cotton textile mills in the area were constructed by the Attleborough Manufacturing Company which was then sold to Nehemiah Dodge in 1815 who ran the mill until 1845 where it was then sold to BB and R Knight. Company housing from both the Dodge and Knight eras are still in existence. This housing was sold off in 1930; However, the mills remained in operation until at least the early 70s.

       The Mill building of the Attleborough Manufacturing Company was originally founded in 1809 and is now in the process of rehabilitation, as it is no longer operational. Most of the original buildings are in decent condition having been altered over the years with shingles and vinyl sidings. The area contains 23 mill houses constructed in a Federal style. The main buildings of the area consist of four stores, the Mill Methodist Church (reconstructed into a single family residence) and the mill buildings themselves.  Information Source > MA Historical Society

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