Meet SeRGio

Sergio is the brainchild of SRG (Silva Realty Group’s) broker-owner, who has always adored Teddy Bears.  If you plan on following SeRGio in his real estate journeys, you’ll learn more about this down the road.  ?


Meet SeRGio

Meet ?e??io… he’s a rather large fun-loving bear that was adopted by the Silva family. Now that he’s a grown bear and his family is too busy to play with him anymore… he’s been eager to branch out and learn the real estate business.

He typed out his resume recently and delivered it by bear-mail (to make it appear “official” of course). We accepted him as an intern immediately based on his great enthusiasm and efforts.

Right now, he’s having some work done on his eyes for his amblyopia (“lazy eye”) and nearsightedness ? but has volunteered to join us as our office mascot once he’s fully recovered.

Watch out ? for more of him in our future upcoming projects.

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Why is SeRGio joining SRG’s Team?

Enter SeRGio. This is not an attempt to minimize the seriousness of the Real Estate process itself. It’s important stuff! And when we’re in “business mode” we take it very seriously and are highly experienced. But, in hopes of bringing some laughter and smiles into your day-to-day… while hoping to bring some knowledge about real estate in general to our followers at the same time… we’re bringing him on board in 2020. 

Creativity when Marketing homes is crucial in 2020. It takes extra effort nowadays for listings to stand out from the crowd. (And what a big crowd it is out there!) We’ve enjoyed seeing the creativity from other agent’s across the globe from in today’s digital age.  Dinosaurs in photos, agents singing karaoke, you name it!

Why? Because Real Estate can be quite boring (and intimidating) for most people. It’s easy for us that are in the industry, day in and day out… and we use jargon like P&S (Purchase and Sales), EMD (Earnest Money Deposit) and throw those words around like people are supposed to understand it. 

We want to make Real Estate LESS intimidating for the average buyer and bring a little fun into it. Bringing in SeRGio can do that… our Team at SRG is friendly and easy to talk to. We Smile! We have Fun! All while bringing some AMAZING customer service and experience to our customers and clients. Most folks aren’t intimated by us (or at least they shouldn’t be). Thousands of our loyal customers and clients (and even our fellow competing agents!) love working with us… and one day, we hope you will to. 

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Hey – and don’t forget to ask us questions! #askSRG and we’ll give you a shout-out in our next video when we answer your FAQs!