SRG’s Investor Picks

Below, are SRG’s curated list of homes for sale that are “Hot Picks” for Investors.

The market is crazy lately, and there are slim pickings when it comes to snatching up any deals. And, when they DO hit the market, they are GONE before you know it.

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Why Investors work with SRG…
and why should You?

SRG deals with a handful of investors. We’re always keeping them up to date on anything we think may be worthy of a look. Many of our clients are banks and asset companies who have foreclosed on homes, and they look to us to List and Market those homes… so we keep up-to-date on any upcoming auctions.

We also help our investors make decisions as to what colors and materials to use on their rehabs/flips. After all, we’re out on the field and show hundreds of houses to interested buyers. We know what wall colors are popular, what the latest trends are on kitchen cabinetry, countertops, etc. And if you LIST your flip with us after you buy, this will be part of the service we provide to you! And, don’t forget SRG MEDIA will take some great photos and videos to market those homes to get the best exposure!

**Check out some of the Homes our investors have purchased, and then resold for a profit.


Project: Bay Street, New Bedford

before 42 bay street 40


Project: Bay St. New Bedford

3-Bedroom COTTAGE

Purchased Price: $150,000

42 Bay St Kitchen


Remodeled throughout.

SRG then listed it for sale after rehab. Sold Price: $288,000

Project: Lowell St. New Bedford

Project: Lowell St. New Bedford, MA

We called our investor and recommended he fly out to this foreclosure auction RIGHT NOW. He followed our advice.

283 Lowell St

He picked this property up for $185,000 at the auction. He gave it a little freshening up and listed with SRG who re-sold this for $292,788

Project: Slocum St. Acushnet

Our Investor Purchased this for $140,000
Re-Sold it with SRG for $312,900

Project: Reed St. New Bedford

Our Investor Purchased this for $165,000
Made MINOR touch-ups, SRG stages the home and lists.
Re-sold it with SRG for $245,000

Project: Bolton Rd. Dartmouth

SRG visits the foreclosure auction with our Investor who purchased this for $162,000 – we were kind of surprised at the other bidders poo-poo’g the price. I nudged the investor who placed his bid.
(C’mon, this is a 2-family in Dartmouth, afterall!).

He made a few quick MINOR repairs, and he listed it through SRG who sold it for $236,000

Project: James St. New Bedford

Investor purchases this through us at $110,000
Re-sells with SRG at $250,000

Project: Topham St. New Bedford

Investor picked this up with SRG for $163,500
Re-sold it through SRG for $269,900

Project: Orchard St. New Bedford

Investor picked this up with SRG for $147,000
MINOR repairs made with our recommendations to freshen the place up..
Listed through SRG who hired a home-staging company. SOLD for $200,000

We can go on and on here…
but you get the point. 😉

Disclosure: Listings displayed are the personal opinion of the broker. Buyers are responsible for ALL due diligence and research in confirming whether or not this would be a good deal for them. Every investor is different, and has different methods of repairing/remodeling and quality of workmanship, therefore, we cannot properly gauge a property’s true “as-repaired” value if we are not yet familiar with the investor’s work and what their actual plans for the project are. The real estate market may also fluctuate from when the time you purchased the property, and when you actually sell. So, we offer NO Guarantees whatsoever. No guarantees epxressed, or implied. This information provided is strictly to help investors narrow down the list of available properties out there, and start a dialogue with us (or their agent) about whether it might be a good property to invest in. SRG, and it’s agents, are in no way responsible for purchases you may make or decisions you make in regards to our opinions. They are just that… opinions. PLEASE, if you are already working with a real estate agent, please continue to do so. If not, and you’d like to work with one of our agents, please reach out to us – we’ll be thrilled to hear from you!

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