Small houses have been becoming more popular over the last few years. It’s fun to watch the TV shows about it, but the fact is, many people are considering it for financial reasons, simplified living or simply just downsizing.

Here are Tiny Houses for sale right now, in Massachusetts.

How small would you like to go?

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500 square feet and under

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1,000 square feet and under

Tiny Houses

Below you will find Homes under 500 square feet. 

Want to go even tinier?

Below you will find Houses under 300 square feet

Small Homes

Below you will find Homes under 1000 square feet. 

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Find Tiny Houses in Rhode Island

Things to consider with Tiny Houses

A tiny home means you will likely have a tiny lot as well. When browsing through the houses on the list and in the MLS,
be sure to check first if it has a driveway. If not, is there ample street parking? If you have to park on the street, consider what parking might be like through winter months and snow bans.

Again, a Tiny home could mean a tiny piece of land. If your tiny home is in the city, are you going to be sardined between your neighbors homes?

Appliances & Furniture
When house shopping, be sure to bring your tape measure. Measure for appliances and then shop around to check prices. You may have a hard time finding appliances that will fit (if the house doesn’t come with appliances) and they could be more expensive than standard size appliances. The same goes for furniture. Be sure that you’ll be able to fit all of your “stuff”.  Tiny houses can be great, but make sure you don’t have to sell all of your current belongings and buy all new stuff to make it work.

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