Home Stories: 32 Huttleston Avenue

We can sometimes take it for granted. The beauty that exists all around us while casually driving down Route 6 in Fairhaven, Massachusetts. Often hurried, and on our way to run mundane errands. How about you? Have you noticed this particular beauty when you’re in the area?

We recently listed this home, so our for sale sign may have caught your attention for just a moment.
It wasn’t for very long… and we expected as much. These homes are rare and beautiful and when you get chance to snatch one up, you typically don’t hesitate.

We were excited to be contacted to list this one, as we had also recently listed the house next door.
You can read more about that one here: 30 Huttleston Avenue. Yet another wonderful home which was also built by Henry Huttleston Rogers.

We enjoyed researching this home’s history, as we do many of our other listings, and hope you enjoy it as well.

Who lived at 32 Huttleston Avenue back in the day?


This Dutch Colonial style with Gambrel roof was built circa 1908 in Fairhaven. It was originally owned by Fairhaven’s greatest benefactor Henry Huttleston Rogers.
The day before Halloween in 1917, he sold it to Edith B. Young.

You may be familiar with the Young family. Philip E. Young (aka Skipper) was one of the founders of the Acushnet Process Company
(Acushnet Company, known for their Titleist brand golf balls).  Mrs. Young donated money to buy a Bookmobile for the Millicent library in 1955, in memory of her husband who passed away that year. (By that time, they had already moved to a new home on Fort St in Fairhaven).


In 1920, Edith sold the home to Thomas Hersom, Jr. of Acushnet.

Thomas only owned the home for about a year, according to public records. His family owned Hersom’s Soap Factory. This factory made “Hersom’s Best” the widely known “sapone” soap.

Hersom Soap Factory

Thomas Hersom, Jr was born 1870 in Acushnet, MA. His father’s family lived in New Bedford, so that’s where he went to school. Once he was done with school, he went into the family business and became their “traveling salesman”. He served the Acushnet School Committee for 3 years. He was married to Millie D. Allen of Acushnet. (Her parents were Capt. James R. Allen & Pamelia).


In 1921 it was sold to Andrew Gunning of England. He was the president of the Gunning Boiler & Machine Co.
He owned the home from 1921 – 1928 and it appears that a foreclosure occurred where it changed hands a few times within the next few months.
It was subsequently sold to S. Bates Coy. His father was the President of Coy & Tanner, Auto Selling and Supply Co. which was located on Purchase Street.
(One of the largest auto supply & accessory houses in Southern MA according to historic ads). Spurden Bates Coy was born in Quincy in 1901. He lived at 214 Maple St New Bedford when he was a student. (circa 1921). He married Bernice Taylor (a telephone operator from Fairhaven) around 1925. They moved to Huttleston Ave in 1928.
Here’s one of their Ads we found while doing our research:

S Bates Coy auto Selling and Supply Co Ad
Source: UMASS Dartmouth Portuguese newspapers archives


In 1945 it was sold to the Simmons family. They owned a grocery store in New Bedford (Simmons Brothers).

This is usually where our story ends, as we want to respect the privacy of current or recent inhabitants/owners.


This home was listed FOR SALE at $299,000 – Exclusively listed by Silva Realty Group
It went under contract pretty quickly, as can be expected. But if you are curious, feel free to Click the photo below to be directed to the listing info for this property.

Questions? Call/Text Sharon Power at 508-264-1530

72528132 32 huttleston avenue 155

*All information deemed reliable but not guaranteed and should be verified. Information was curated through public records, deeds, newspapers. If you find any information that you believe to be incorrect, please feel free to let us know. Info provided for entertainment purposes only. Enjoy!

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