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Old houses & historic homes are often filled with unrivaled character and charm, and intriguing stories of the past. There’s no surprise that they have a unique allure that speaks to many buyers.¬†

With so many buyers interested in older historic homes, the search for these houses can be very intimidating. When given potentially thousands of search results, it’s difficult to go through them all and find the old and historic homes you desire!

For this reason, we’ve created a page for each historic city/town that displays only older homes with more than 100 years of age!

This way you can focus just on these homes. We’ve done the work for you by creating a page to display all Old & Historic Houses available for sale right now in Massachusetts & Rhode Island for you to browse and enjoy.

Looking in a different state? No worries, we partner with many historic real estate experts across the USA and we can connect you with the right professional. Just¬†let us know¬†where you need help, and we’ll make it happen.

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Below, you will find all of the old houses for sale in Massachusetts and Rhode Island that are considered to be Old or Historic.
*May or may not necessarily be officially registered as historical* but are over 100 years old.

We know all a lot of our buyers love older historic houses, so we thought it would be helpful to help refine your search results accordingly.

Research & Resources

Let us know if you’ve found this¬†historic homes¬†page helpful.
We’ve also added some related links below, with historic databases and other historical websites to help with your research. If there’s a particular location or¬†house style¬†that you are looking for and would like our help, feel free to¬†contact us.¬† Do you think there is something else we can add to our historic section that may be helpful to other buyers & website visitors? Please let us know,¬† We encourage feedback & comments and strive to have all available resources and research material available for our web visitors at their fingertips. We look forward to hearing from you!

National Register of Historic Places in New Bedford, MA
New Bedford Historic Commission
W.H.A.L.E (Waterfront Historic Area LeaguE)
New Bedford Preservation Society
Historic Inventory of Dartmouth Homes

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Check out just a few other successful historic sales we’ve had right here.¬†



After dealing with other realtors, I came to realize Elizabeth Silva is the best of the best! Pros: very knowledgeable, very detailed orientated, proactive, and always answered and returned my calls ASAP. Cons: not a one. I would/ will use Liz for all my real estate needs. I would highly recommend her. -Robin
2 bay mahogany deck, 1239 Main St. Acushnet, MA 02743
Robin D.
Historic Home Owner, Captain James Allen House in Acushnet, MA


What makes a home historic?

A home is usually classified as historic for a number of reasons. It could be an architecturally significant building, it could be associated with an important event or person, or it could be one of the few remaining examples of a certain type of architecture.

How do I determine if my house is Historic?

The first step is to research the property and find out if it is actually registered as historic. This may seem like a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised how many people try to buy homes that aren’t actually historic.¬†

There are a few ways to do this research. You can start by talking to your local historical society or the city planner. You can also look for homes that are listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

You can also check out our recent post about how to research a historic home to help you on your way.

At SRG, they are one of our favorite types of homes to market for sale. 

What are the benefits of owning a historic home?

There are a number of benefits to owning a historic home. The main benefit is that you can be proud to own a piece of history. Owning a historic home does come with it’s challenges though, So if you’re thinking of buying a historic home, do your research first and speak to a professional such as a licensed real estate agent.


What are the challenges of owning a historic house?

Of course, there are some challenges to owning a historic home. One is that they can be expensive to maintain. Because they’re often older, they may need more repairs and updates than a non-historic home. You may also have to deal with strict regulations from your local historic preservation commission.

So, if you’re thinking of buying a historic home, do your research first. And be prepared for both the benefits and the challenges that come along with ownership.


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