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Beware of Craigslist Rental Scams:

Please be aware that there have been many craigslist scams on rentals recently. So, your best bet is to make sure that the ad is legitimate. Here are some tips directly from craigslist on how to identify a possible rental scam.

At the bottom of this page, we have a video related to this specific type of scam. The video includes some tips that were provided by a property manager.

The Freetown Rentals you see above are all legitimate. They have been posted in the local MLS by a licensed real estate agent. So, there should be no concerns if your browsing rentals on our website. If you have any questions, concerns, or would like to get more information about any of our rentals available feel free to contact us directly by phone at 508-536-5007 or via email.

We look forwarding to assisting you!



Our office has recently received several calls from renters who saw bogus ads for our bank owned real estate listings on craigslist. As a result, we wanted to be proactive in keeping our community safe from these scams by posting bright yellow signs at some of our properties showing that they are NOT for rent. We are also proactively monitoring craigslist for all of our listings to ensure they are not listed. If we find them, they are immediately flagged for removal as fraudulent.