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Whether you’re planning on flipping homes, or are just trying to find a fixer-upper to build your own sweat equity, you’ll find all homes listed for sale on MLS right here.

This page displays all Freetown Foreclosure for Sale.

Please note, there is a Foreclosure Moratorium in place at this time, through June 30,2021. As a result, there will be very little to no results found on each individual city/town page. To see all bank owned foreclosures for the entire state, visit this page: All foreclosure listings in Massachusetts.

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The following listings, if any, are foreclosures currently available for sale.
These are lender owned, and have already gone through the auction process. If you’re not familiar with how REO sales work, we recommend contacting an experienced agent who can properly guide you through this process.

Single Family Foreclosures

Multi Family Foreclosures

Short Sales

The following listings, if any, are short sales currently available for sale.
These require the third party approval (usually the lender). If you are not familiar with how short sales work, we recommend contacting an experienced agent who can properly walk you through the negotiation process.

Single Family Short Sales

Multi Family Short Sales

Are you an Investor with questions?

BuyBankREO, a division of Silva Realty Group, has specialized in the marketing & listing of Bank Owned Foreclosures for many large Banks and Asset Management Companies for over 16 years!

If you’re looking to join the many investors who work with us to source, provide guidance, and purchase foreclosures for investment purposes, we’d be happy to speak with you. Our team has worked with many investors, who work with us time & time again, as their #1 Source for Bank Owned Foreclosure Listings & Opportunities.¬†

Facing Foreclosure?

While we have a duty to our clients to service their assets post-foreclosure, we always prefer to save a homeowner from this process. We’ve worked with numerous clients on short-sales, or guidance for deed-in-lieu options or loan modifications. Hope is NOT lost. We’d like to help you avoid this. In some cases, some folks don’t even realize they won’t be taking a loss! Want an example?

Let us tell you a story! 

One day, I was sipping coffee and perusing the local newspaper. I happened to glance through the foreclosure notices section, and saw a name I recognized very well. I thought for several moments, about why these folks hadn’t reached out to me for help, knowing that I specialize in foreclosures. Perhaps they were ashamed. They shouldn’t be! Foreclosure can happen to anyone. Life happens, circumstances change, and we never judge anyone. We’ve done this for so many years, and heard so many stories, that we know it’s not always as clear cut as most people assume when it comes to foreclosures.¬†

But I digress. I struggled with whether to reach out to these folks. I didn’t want to make them feel embarrassed, or anger them, but I knew them well enough that I certainly wasn’t going to let them go down like this without a fight.¬†

I reached out, and they sounded relieved. I went over their options, and they ultimately decided to list their property for sale. 

Long story short? We listed for more than what they thought possible – and we found a buyer for them. They were able to save themselves from foreclosure, and walk away from the closing with some profit to help them along!

My favorite part of this story? They’ve worked hard, overcame hurdles, and have purchased another beautiful home for their family.¬†

You too can overcome these obstacles, you just have to trust that it’s OK to reach out for help.¬†

Call/Text: 508-536-5007 for a private consultation. 

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