Welcome Jim Dolan!

Jim Dolan

Silva Realty Group Inc is pleased to announce that Jim Dolan has joined our Real Estate Team! 
An experienced, licensed REALTORⓇ who lives in the New Bedford area with his son.

Licensed in 2004. Jim also has an Associates of Business degree, and Associates of Medical Science Degree. Member of Phi Theta Kappa. 

He welcomes you to contact him and is happy to assist both buyers and sellers in every aspect of Real Estate. 
Jim can be reached at (508) 207-8548, or on his website: Jim’s Website



Video: Meet Jim Dolan


Video Transcript:

Hi, I’m Jim Dolan. I’m a Realtor at Silva Realty Group.
I live in New Bedford, with my son Ayden.
I’ve actually owned four houses, so i have experience in homeownership personally. Was a landlord and owned a three family, and even flipped a house.
I had always wanted to get into real estate since I was about 21 years old and the timing just wasn’t right for the training. I had a good job at AT&T at the phone company
but it was closing and they were going to shut down and I had thought about real estate. I finally had the courage now I’m going to take charge i’m
gonna go for i’m going to go for the training i’m gonna get my license I’m gonna do it because now’s the time
I have loved every minute of it.

The most important thing I want them to notice that they could go with a realtor
that is interested in them not just making a sale i think that would
actually be the number one advice go with a realtor with knowledge and
somebody that actually cares about you.
So i closing I’d like to say Thank you for watching. My name is Jim Dolan and my phone number is right here on my shirt.

Blooper Reel Trascript:

I  really love real estate, it’s a lot of fun.
Sometimes you don’t have much time for yourself, like right now. It’s Matt Damon.
Hey Matt! It’s Jim. Yes, what’s going on? Yes I got the keys from Ben.
We’re gonna head to Boston, get some Chowder.
Any news on getting me into your next movie? I was thinking Bourne Ultimatum, with Jim.
No?  I’m sorry alright I’ll see you later today at 4 o’ clock.