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Silva Realty Group Inc. (aka SRG) officially launched in September 2014. Prior to this, Team Silva was associated with ReMax Classic.
I’m the founder & Broker, Liz Silva. I was originally licensed in 2003 and quickly increased production causing the need to create a Team circa 2005 to handle the volume. It was around that time that I also started to take notice of a new niche: REO and decided to create Team BuyBankREO.¬† SRG now has about 15 agents and staff working out of our Brigham St Office and continues to grow rapidly since opening just a few short years ago.

One of the many things our Team loves about the company is that our team works TOGETHER, not against each other! There is no “I” in team. You’ll often find our agents helping one another during Open Houses, training, guidance, and more. We often share tips & info with one another, and we enjoy each other’s company. I love to walk into the office and see a room full of our agents laughing and joking with one another. If someone needs help or has a conflict in their schedule, it’s not uncommon to see someone immediately pipe up offering to fill in for them.

What to expect:

We love technology. When you join our company, you’ll be met with a broker who knows how to market your clients’ homes in this digital age of technology.

Help with:

  • Promotion/Marketing including Social Media Marketing
  • Real Estate Technology Training
  • Lead Generation
  • Paperwork/Administrative Assistance
  • Photos, Videos, Websites, IDX, Marketing, Creative/Ad Design, and more!

What SRG agents get:

? Free CMS (Contact Management System) & Transaction Management Systems

Still using a paper notebook to keep track of clients? We provide you with a cloud-based CMS to keep track of all of your clients. You’ll be able to keep notes, store documents, create tasks & reminders for yourself, follow-up with clients via e-mail and even track your deals.¬†

Preview Clip of a CMS screen


?¬†Free App for your Smartphone to utilize your new CMS while you’re on the road!

If you’re an active real estate agent. You’re out in the field alot showing houses & going on listing appointments. You don’t want to be stuck writing notes on a napkin, or waiting until you get back into the office to login to your “desktop” software to look up a client to see what the status is.
Your client database will be in the palm of your hands, whenever you need it. Take Notes, Initiate phone calls, schedule appointments etc.

Photo of a Cell Phone Screen with a Real Estate App


? Free 1st set of Business Cards is on us!

With, or without your photo. The choice is yours. You also have the option of having a QR code on the back that links directly to your new website!

Hand holding real estate business card


? Free 1st set of 2 Name Sign Riders to get you started (upon 1st listing)

Photo of 2 Real Estate Name Sign Riders


? Free Membership on our Private/Closed Facebook Group
(For SRG agents & staff only, where we have discussions, share tips/tricks & collaborate)


? 1-on-1 training with Liz Silva on:

*your new tools/software and any personalized R.E. Training you feel you might need.
*to build your new Business Facebook Page
*G Suite and a number of other tech tools to help your business soar
*and various other tech-tools you’ll be ecstatic to learn about!

We’re always adding new technology & more tools to help grow your business.


? Team Training & Support/Office Admin 

photo of REALTORS¬ģ in training


? Transparency РNo hidden E&O fees (paid for by SRG)

? TOOLS! High-Speed Scanner/Printer and other technology available for use in our office

?¬†“Team” setting. Realistically, all agents are in competition with each other, but we maintain a helpful “team” attitude with one another and friendly environment.

?¬†Leads! Leads! Leads! (sent Round Robin throughout the team, and, we’ll help show you how to generate your own)


Agent Testimonials:

Where do I start?¬†¬†You know to become a successful agent, you need the tools and you need the leads. We have more technology and more leads than we know what to do with. Liz is very fair with lead distribution. Everyone gets their fair share and then some. We work on the REO listing side with her and you share listings with her if you want. It’s a lot of work, no joke, but a new aspect of the business for those of us who never did an REO property. Liz provides the tools you need and the technological know how to really get your business going.¬† An important part of any office is the support you get from other agents and admin staff. We are all willing to help each other because we genuinely want to see everyone succeed and it’s great to know that others have your back if you need help. When you combine all the right ingredients, you can’t help but be successful. With this office, it’s all there. Give me a call and I’ll gladly tell you all about it!

Sharon Power


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Please note, this office is a member of the Southeastern MA, Massachusetts and National Association of Realtors¬ģ


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