You’d be hard pressed to find anyone local who doesn’t know who H. H. Rogers is.  He was born in Fairhaven and later became its greatest benefactor. We often research the history of the houses we sell and have sold homes built or owned by Rogers in the past. Below is a compilation of our notes to share with our readers.

Henry Huttleston Rogers, Sr.

b. January 29, 1840 
d. May 19, 1909 (by stroke)
Interred beside Abbie in Fairhaven’s Riverside Cemetery

Homes we’ve sold that were once owned by Henry Huttleston Rogers

Twin Gabled House for Sale on 30 Huttleston Ave
Sold by: Silva Realty Group Inc.
A Twin-gabled 5 Bedroom Home, on the corner of Green & Huttleston Ave, near Fairhaven High School.
Owned 30 Huttleston Ave until his death in 1909. His son Henry Huttleston Jr. inherited it and 7 years later sold it in 1916




Rowland Rogers and Mary Huttleston Eldredge (her parents were Rhode (Merrihew) and Henry Huttleston (Huddleston) 1768-1832, son of Peleg Jr & Tabitha Huttlestone)


Eliza Rogers
Rufus A. Rogers (his wife Maud Rogers, daughter: Marion Rogers son: Rowland Rogers )


His childhood home is located at 39 Middle St. Fairhaven, MA
He was in the 1st graduating class of Fairhaven High School
Cousins include: Sarah Huttleston, Julia Tuck, Agnes Gardner, Jane Nye

Work History

Clerk, Grocery Store
Baggage Master, Old Colony Railroad
Founded: Wamsutta Oil Refinery
Executive: Standard Oil Co.


Owned: 85-room mansion near Fort Phoenix


Donated: Fairhaven High School “Castle on the Hill” (1906), Town Hall (1894), Millicent Library (1893), Rogers Grammar School (1885), Unitarian Memorial Church (1904), George H. Taber Masonic Lodge Building (1901), Tabitha Inn (1905), & Cushman Park
Financed Hellen Keller’s education 


Mark Twain, Booker T. Washington


Nov 17, 1862, Abbie Palmer Gifford Rogers  b. January 20, 1841 in Rochester (d. May 21, 1894)
Abbie’s Parents: Peleg W. Gifford (ship captain) & Amalia C Hammond
1896, Emelie Augusta Randel Hart (divorcee, NY socialiate)
Children: None


    Anne Engle (Benjamin), b. 1865
    Cara Leland Rogers (Broughton) aka Lady Fairhaven, b. 1867
    Millicent, b. 1873 d. 1890
    Mary (Mai) Rogers (Coe), b. 1875
    Henry H. Rogers, Jr. b. 1879 (Harry) d. July 25, 1935 – Colonel in NY Militia

References & Links

Last Will & Testament
Henry H. Rogers – Wikipedia
Millicent Library 
Office of Tourism
Walking Tour

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