Increasing the resale value of your home does not have to be made of expensive and extensive remodeling and renovations. Sometimes, even the simplest things can already add up a significant amount of dollars on the value of the property that you are looking to sell. There are quite a number of strategies that you can do to achieve this. Of course, note that the specific cost and payback of these strategies can vary from one property to another. But overall, it should somehow boost their resale value.


The kitchen has long been considered the heart of the home so it is not such a wonder that interested buyers will check this part of the home first. Therefore, you should focus all your efforts in revamping this first. Spend a few dollars to change the faucet, replace the cabinet handles, or update old lighting.


A cohesive collection of kitchen appliances can make a very big difference in the way that a potential buyer will look at the property. Instead of replacing those off appliances with a new one, ordering new doors and face panels should be much cheaper.


Bathrooms are the most likely the second thing that buyers will watch out for. There are simple and cheap updates that you can give your bathroom. Consider buying a new toilet seat or a pedestal sink, or replacing your bathroom floor with vinyl tiles.


Old houses are known to have small closet spaces. Storage is another very important aspect in increasing the resale value of your home so would be a big boost to it if you add DIY wire and laminate closet systems. You can also contact firms to redesign your closets.


The only thing that will made a room a bedroom is when it has a closet. A den or any empty storage room in your house could potentially become an additional room when you get closets installed in it. A house that has more bedrooms adds a lot of value.


Aside from looking at the exteriors of the house, take a look at the mechanisms within it. Hire the services of an electrician or plumber to check on the wirings and plumbing to ensure that they are in good shape. Buyers would greatly appreciate this.


Good carpeting can quickly update any space and home. If the carpet in your home is not at all that rugged, you can just subject it to professional carpet cleaning. This is a very inexpensive treatment that can add some value to your home.


If boring and recessed lights have been providing your living space for so many years now, you might want to consider updating them to a fancy chandelier instead. There are so many of them on sale at reasonable prices. Also consider buying replacement blades for your ceiling fan.


If your main door has lost the luster that it once had years ago, consider painting or faux-finishing it to give it a good appeal for less. Also consider replacing its knob or handle and lock set. Note this is the first thing that buyers will see as they enter the house so it should be a sign of a solid home.

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