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Home Stories: 48 Moreland Terrace

We always enjoy researching a home’s history, but this home is so stunning that it’s an absolute pleasure and joy just to walk through it and take in all that it has to offer. We hope you enjoy it too as we take you along… This page is still a work in progress as we continue to curate more information about its history and past inhabitants.

Where did the street name come from?

Recently, we located a photo online of a house on Hawthorn St that was owned by Leander Plummer. It’s currently being renovated by the WHALE, and it’s always been a favorite of mine. Reading the caption on the image, I noticed that this yellow home was called “the Morelands”. This intrigued me. Could it be that the street we’re working on today was called Moreland Terrace literally because it was the back yard (or terrace) of the Morelands home? ? This has not been confirmed as of yet, so it’s just a theory.


 According to the National Register of Historic Places. Moreland Terrace was part of 2 larger estates that had been sold off. “the Morelands” and Birkenshaw.

Who lived at 48 Moreland Terrace?


New Bedford’s economy was booming in 1924, and in the same year, this stunning Colonial Revival was being built.

At 56 years of age, Dr. Augustus Hamlin Mandell, Jr. was moving into this Moreland Terrace home with his 2nd wife Mildred (Pitman) Mandell, with whom he had been married for 11 years.  Dr. Mandell was a notably successful physician, having held many important roles in the medical field. In his career, he held various positions, only some of which include X-ray physician for the St. Luke’s Hospital, a bacteriologist for the city of New Bedford’s Health Department, and a resident physician at Sassaquin Sanatorium in New Bedford.
His place of business is mentioned in various public records as being located at 25 Sycamore St.

Dr. Mandell is the son of a whaling captain, Captain Augustus Mandell, Sr. and Elma S. Cook.
Capt. Mandell was captain of the “FINANCE” of the US and Brazil Mail Steamship Company.  He captained other vessels as well and sailed all over before retiring to New Bedford. He also enlisted in the Civil War and served with the Mobile fleet. It’s our theory that this is the reason why there are carved ships on the window shutters of the home. Captain Mandell, the father, had already been deceased for about 27 years when this home was built.

Window Shutters Mandell Home Moreland Terrace
Window Shutters – 48 Moreland Terrace

1930’s through ’60s

William & Cora Welsh must have fallen in love with this home.
Back in the ’30s, they owned 241 Hawthorn St (which we listed and sold as well about a decade ago! We’re loving these coincidences).

William was a financier and member of the New York Stock Exchange. He also once owned New Bedford Public Warehouse Company.
Mr. Welsh passed away in 1964 and in 1965 the home was deeded to Falmouth Hospital Association (where he died). Cora passed away in 1978

This is usually where our story must end, as we want to respect the privacy of recent or current residents/inhabitants who are still living.


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*all information deemed reliable but not guaranteed and should be verified. Information was curated through public records, deeds, newspapers. If you find any information that you believe to be incorrect, please feel free to let us know. Info provided for entertainment purposes only. Enjoy!

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