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We can’t always get what we want.¬†Sometimes, we have to compromise. But, sometimes buyers sabotage themselves, and miss out on great homes! Keep reading to find out why that happens…and grab our free buyer checklist.

Starting to Look at Houses? Pull out your buyer checklist! 

Do you NEED a house with 4 BEDROOMS or do you just WANT that 4th bedroom as a spare, craft room, sitting area, office space or some other hobby room? 
Depending on¬†the way it’s entered in the system and being advertised in the¬†MLS by the listing agent, you might easily miss out on a house that¬†has just 3 Bedrooms advertised, but just happens to have an extra room, like a DEN for instance, which could perfectly suit your needs! But, you’d miss it completely!
Use your buyer checklist, and be sure your agent truly understands and is clear on what your wants vs needs are.

Need an Example?

Here’s a screenshot of an agent’s basic MLS search screen. This is where most agents start their search to help you…


When you tell them you MUST have 4 Bedrooms… be sure to explain “why”… Here is what most agent will do:




Did you notice the COUNT button to the right? It looks like this:

So, only 36 Homes were found in that City, with 4 bedrooms (or more). Well, let’s assume that you are perfectly content with 3 bedrooms, but you’d like an extra “room” of some sort for any reason. Den, Craft Room, Hobby Room, Sitting Area.. whatever the case may be. You’ll miss those!

Let’s see How. Let’s change that search to 3+ Bedrooms.



Holy Cow! See the difference? We went from just 36 homes to choose from… to 126!!


That’s a big difference.

Some of those homes might even have that extra room you’re looking for, and your agent will know how to “filter” those 3 bedrooms homes down even further to limit them to just homes that have extra rooms, dens, etc.¬†
So, Use your buyer checklist, and be sure your agent truly understands what you’re looking for.

Here’s a very common one. Do you NEED a garage or just¬†WANT one?
If you tell your agent that you must have a house¬†with a¬†garage when you don’t really need it or would easily settle for a home without one, if it’s the right house? You may miss out on that beautiful home that’s on the market¬†with all the bells and whistles that you’ve always dreamed of but just doesn’t happen to have a garage.¬†
Maybe it is a great deal, and there is enough land and space to add on a garage in the future! 
But, you’ll never know because you told your agent you need one, they may be limiting your search to ONLY homes with a garage.¬†
Be clear in differentiating your true wants vs needs with your agent.
Use the buyer checklist, and be sure your agent truly understands the reason you want a garage. 

Does it happen often?

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve sold my buyers homes that they weren’t even considering looking at,
but because I truly listened to what they actually “needed”¬†and that home ended up being the perfect home for them!

Help your Real Estate Agent Help You. 
Here is a worksheet that can help your agent understand and learn about what you are truly looking for in a home.

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