8 Things a Buyer Notices Instantly

things buyers notice

8 Things a Buyer Notices Instantly!

1. Closet Space

Clear out and organize the closets.

Keep only things you know your going to use.  Many buyers can’t see past the clutter.

When your closets are bursting at the seams, drawers overflowing, and cabinets crammed, the Buyer starts to think:  
There’s not enough space here for “My Stuff” and will likely move on.. or even use that to justify their low-ball offer.



to do checklist


Put the majority of your items in totes and store them away neatly.
(You’re going to be packing soon anyway, right??)


2. Knick-Knacks & Personal Items

I totally get it, this is your home. But, your goal is to sell it right?  

This isn’t a yard sale or a “Cherished Teddies” museum. Don’t let the buyers get distracted by your collections, kick-knacks, or even personal photos. (Yes, they will). Buyers will walk through a house and get distracted by personal photos on the walls. “Hey, I think I know these homeowners” (Come On, you know you’ve done it!) or spark up a conversation about sports when they see your soccer trophies. Don’t let them get distracted folks! They aren’t there to get to know you. Help them focus on The House and all of it’s great features.

photo bomb


to do checklist

Once again, put it away. If you wouldn’t be confident photographing the room with all your stuff in it, and displaying it in a Home Magazine, then you need to lighten the load!

Less is More. You’ll be able to display everything proudly again once you buy your next home.


3. Messy/Dirty

Guilty. We all lead busy lives between kids, school, sports, work, etc.  We come and go and often completely overlook the dirt forming on the light switches, the hand print on glass door, the little dust bunnies setting up shop in the corner of the “Formal Living Room” that we never even use. How long has it been since you’ve cleaned that chandelier? Are your windows clean, are the curtains dusty? I promise the buyer will pull aside your curtains to check your windows to see if they are replacement windows and in good condition. Don’t let them have a sneezing fit in the process.

photo of a dirty light switch
to do checklist
Take a walk through your whole house, and literally pretend you are someone else. Notice every small detail. Believe me, you’ll be surprised what you find that you can clean or change.
Honestly, if you were the buyer, what would you think?


4. Kitchens & Baths

If you’re thinking of doing any remodeling or renovations before you put your house on the market, consider doing Kitchens and Baths first and foremost. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen buyers pass up some FANTASTIC homes just because the Kitchens or Baths were outdated. You may have low budget light fixtures, so-so hardwood floors, but OH MY if you have a gorgeous Kitchen you’ve got interest! Not all buyers are handy, or willing to do rehab when they buy their home like on the Property Brothers (Yes, I love that show!). Many buyers want to move in and enjoy their sparkling kitchen right away!

to do checklistIf you don’t have the budget to update kitchens & baths, clear out the clutter from the counter-tops (it will help it look more spacious). Put out fresh towels in the bathroom, put away your toothbrushes, combs and unmentionables (pretty please!) maybe even put some nice cut flowers in a vase. Also, put the toilet seat down. (Sometimes, it’s the little things).


5. Cluttered Yard

It’s the first thing a buyer will see before they come into your home, so why do we often neglect it? I’m not saying go all out and hire a landscape company, but are there dying flowers in the flower bed? Is there a skateboard or bike on the lawn? Is there still evidence of last night’s horseshoe game strewn out all over the yard? Your buyers need to imagine enjoying their BBQ’s here, or planting their garden. Are the flowers dying because the homeowner is neglectful, or is it something in the soil? If they don’t care about the outside.. what’s the inside of the house like? Remember, Buyers will often do a drive by the house first before they schedule an appointment.

 messy yard


to do checklist

Keep the grass cut & Sweep up the walkways. If you don’t have time to plant new flowers, rip out any dead ones. (Better that there be nothing there at all. at least the buyer can envision what they would plant there).  Put away toys when finished. Don’t go overboard with “yard items” such as garden Gnomes, pinwheels, planters, statues, etc.


6. Pets & Smoking

Ok, we all love our pets. But, Yes we can smell it, I promise!

Our noses get easily accustomed to scents and smells we experience daily.
(It’s true.. just Google it). To a buyer who has no pets or doesn’t smoke, if they get hit in the face with any of the above smells when they walk through the door.. all bets are off. I can’t tell you how many buyers have asked: “Will I be able to get rid of that smell if I buy this house” Once again.. insert low ball offer here.

Also, don’t leave your pets around during appointments. Not only can they be distracting – “Awe, look at the cute little doggies!” – but some buyers are afraid of animals, and they might turn around and walk right back out the door.

If you’re a smoker, consider smoking only outside while the house is on the market to help eliminate any odors.

photo of yorkie riding on a roomba

to do checklist
Wash pet bedding and blankets. Remove evidence of pets before showings such as water bowls, squeaky toys and kennels. Smoke outdoors only to help begin eliminating the odor from the home. Dab some vanilla on light bulbs so that when they heat up it will help lightly scent the room.

(Vanilla is tolerable by most, please don’t go spray-crazy with strongly scented Lysol or other fresheners right before the showings). Some people have allergies that will get aggravated, others will wonder what you’re trying to cover up. Keep it simple.

7.  Colors

You can’t go wrong with Neutral colors. Not all buyers are going to dig your Bright Orange Kitchen, your teenager’s “Black Bedroom”

phase, or your daughter’s fluorescent pink bedroom that used to be purple, that used to be yellow. They will likely be thinking: “Oh Great, I’ll have work to do on this one” Show of hands.. How many of us just LOVE to paint?

wallpaper and green carpet
to do checklist

This was home to you, and those colors meant something to you, but it means nothing to the buyers except more work which may mean they offer less. If you’re able: paint all “loud” colors down to a neutral shade or off-white. It will brighten things up, make the room look more spacious and fresh!


8. Priced too High  

You’re not kidding anyone. In this day of technology, it’s way too easy to find out a home’s value. Any buyer with an internet connection can do it, and most buyers work with a Buyer’s Agent who will pull comps and do some research before they schedule an appointment.  If you’re priced too high, then you’ve lost them already!
Trust your Realtor (if you can’t, then that’s a story for a different blog!), what are houses selling for in your neighborhood? What justifies the higher price for your home? Do you have enough interior photos online to help prove the value and encourage buyers to come see for themselves?

to do checklist

Do your research. Click Here to find out your home’s value
Hire a trusted real estate agent who will not only price your home right, but makes sure it gets enough exposure to make people want to schedule an appointment.
Follow all of the tips above before you put it on the market! First impressions are everything, the buyers might not want to take a second look so be sure it’s “Show Ready” the first time they visit!        

“We hope you find these tips helpful! Best of Luck in your home selling experience!”     

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– Team Silva